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Engine decarbonizing

Our flagship product, we manufacture Engine Decarbonizing machines for all types of automobiles, from bikes and cars to trucks and boats.

Ceramic coating

Industry-grade ceramic coating products are chemical polymer solutions derived from silicon dioxide, that are applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage.

Vehicle interior and exterior polish

Just as the paint on the exterior of the car, and the various accessories on the interior need to be clean and hygienic.

Steam wash machines

Steam car wash is an eco-friendly process that uses steam to wash the interiors as well as exteriors of the vehicle.

Nos2 Research & Development Private Limited

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Nos2 Research & Development Private Limited was started in the year 1977. Offered products are manufactured to the highest standards with top-of-the-line material and the latest technology. Our products are hence widely applauded by our customers for damage resistance, easy usability, and longevity.

Let's Grow Together

Nos2 is committed to your investments going the farthest it can go. We ensure our products are the best of their kind, so you are assured that you get the best returns, both from monetary as well as customer satisfaction standpoints. Get in touch with us or send us an inquiry to more more about a product you may be interested in.

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Our commitment to keeping up with the highest quality standards has ensured customer retention. This is what led us to achieve ISO 14001:2015 certification


Our commitment to keeping up with the highest quality standards has ensuredcustomer retention. Nos2 acknowleges that we are indebted to our team of professionals and customers, without whom these acheivements would not be possible. Furthermore, manned by a team of qualified researchers, our R& D units support us to keep updated with current technological advancements.


The impetus for the growth of Nos2 is the support and encouragement from our mentor, Mr. Ramnath Govindh. He guides us to deliver exceptional quality engine decarbonizing and octane booster machines


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.


Vijay Kumar

Pickup for my Honda city improved I instantly after process was completed. Engine running was exceptionally smooth and sturdy. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for the betterment of the cars performance.

Bala Abbhijith

I recommend green engine solution guys because after engine carbon cleaning for my innova the performance increases slightly and It have a nice chnage in milage of 2k pl (before cleaning I have average milage of about 14kmpl). And it has smooth engine sound even in 140 after cleaning. They have done excellant job. Go visit them guys.

Madhu M

I had a long drive till Thanjavur. I'm 100% sure, decarbonising made difference in vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Usually it makes 18-19kmpl for long drive speed between 80-100kmph.

Yesterday it made solid 21kmpl for the 300kms drive speed between 80-100kmph.

And also performance wise, pick-up of the vehicle had got noticeably increased that I could feel everytime when I slow down for speed-breaker and while throttling again. There is no lag and can experience the pull, enginemakes.

I'm sure in adding decarbonising as on of the to do list in every service interval

Chandran A

I had done my Fabia diesel engine decarbonization in Ashwin hydro. Feeling the engine noise and vibration are good and smooth now. Also driving and engine pickup is good.

Punith Hari Nair

They will give your car a new life. Excellent service. I did my car today and it was like velvet smooth now. Engine noise is reduced. Improved economy.

Really awesome. Just spent half hour, very less money and in return what I get was really awesome!!!

Raja Prabhu

I am owning a Skoda superb 2014 model. 75000kms driven. Recently I had some uncomfortable performance and heavy black smoke while driving. After I don the decarbonizing from Ashwin Hydro Carbon Services. Now I could feel very smooth in engine performance, pickup also works good than before. It was really a good experience. Regarding increase of mileage, will let you know shortly. I recommend everyone to go for it to make your old car to a new one. Thank you very much for the service. Highly recommend for 5/5 ratings to their team.

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