Increasing awareness of environmental pollution, has resulted in a hike in the use of electric vehicles such as e-bikes and cars. Equipped with high- powered motors that are integrated into the front and back wheels of the vehicle, e-bikes save energy, even on steep inclines such as hills, and save the environment from harmful emissions. These bikes come with various options such as pedal- only and powered- pedal. The powered- pedal offers assistance to the biker, making it easier to operate than bicycles.

E-cars, powered by rechargeable batteries, are the eco- friendly transport option of the present and future, owing to their efficiency and possibility of zero or very low emissions. All automobiles are powered by electricity and are alternatives to fuel- powered ones. Electric vehicles store energy in batteries that can sometimes convert solar energy to electric energy as well. Electric energy is transmitted to the vehicle through overhead lines, or inductive charging. Another noteworthy feature is that these vehicles can recover braking energy as electricity. Our electric convertible cars and convertible hybrid cars are the innovations that we are proud of.

NOS2 also has a range of Electric Vehicle Conversion kits. We will provide these electric vehicle conversion kits. These can be used to convert your existing fossil-fueled car into an electric vehicle. For example, a kit may be used to convert a petrol Maruti 800 into an electric car. Electric car charger for the same may be installed.

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