Medical-grade oxygen concentrators are the need of the hour, and Nos2 is proud to present a whole line of oxygen concentrators to fulfill every need.

An oxygen concentrator may be used for people who have low blood oxygen levels. Most commonly used at home for long-term oxygen therapy, oxygen concentrators are a main component of the medical industry. Although they are sometimes used in industrial applications, the most common application is in healthcare.

An oxygen concentrator works by removing nitrogen from air. It draws in the air in its surroundings, such as the room, and passes it through a series of filters. This process removes dust, bacteria, pollen and other particles that may be present in the air. The compressor in the concentrator passes the air through a cylinder that contains a sieve material, which absorbs nitrogen. This process results in the oxygen concentration being at least 95% by the time the air reaches the patient. A nasal cannula or mark is applied to the patient to ensure good supply of oxygen. As long as the unit is plugged into a wall socket, it continues to process air to yield concentrated oxygen.