Our flagship product, we manufacture Engine Decarbonizing machine for all types of automobiles, from bikes and cars to trucks and boats. Nos2 is a pioneer in the industry and our Engine Carbon Cleaning machine uses only Hydrogen and Oxygen. Developed with technology from USA and Germany.

Our range of products include engine decarbonizing machine, car engine decarbonizing machine, bike decarbonizing machine, digital hydro-oxy carbon cleaning machine and semi digital hydro-oxy carbon cleaning machine from India.

Deals with common problems in ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) like low mileage, excessive smoke from exhaust, low pick-up, rich fuel stroke, noise at crank instead of a quick start, high vibration, noise, heat and unusual gear shifts during small climbs.

Our Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine removes carbon or carbonaceous deposits from the engine or its components, thereby improving the overall functioning of the engine.

Each of our products is optimized for use in its area of application, from car carbon cleaning machines to bus engine decarbonizing machine, they offer the best value-for-money at cost.

1/ Wet cell:
(a) wet cell 1
(b) wet cell 2

2/ Stainless steel dry cell
(a) SS1
(b) SS2

3/ Titanium plate dry cell
(a) T1
(b) T2
(c) T3
(d) T4
(e) T5
(f) T6
(g) T7