Rodents, especially rats can cause untold damage to a car. Therefore, defending the car from this menace is of utmost importance in many areas that face seasonal infestations. Although there are many options such as rat cakes and natural repellents, rats end up wreaking havoc on cars if they can access them. There could be extensive damage to various components such as parts of the engine, cables and even the brake system. This not only leads to car breakdowns at the least unexpected of times, but could also result in major accidents, putting lives at risk. A special formulation designed to keep rats away from automobiles, NOS2 sells a rat repellent for car that effectively keeps rodents away from the entry points such as the wheel arch. NOS2's rodent repellent for cars is safe to use and regular usage could save you a huge amount of money in repairs. This rat repellent spray for cars is easy to use, just spray the possible entry points and let it work its magic.