The basic tool required for cleaning and maintenance is the right type of cloth. Micro-fibre cloths are the most sought-after products by conscious customers, as these attract dust towards them owing to static electricity that is generated. They are also easy to wash, as they do not hold water or dust for long. These do not leave residual lint like some fabrics. They can be used to remove excess wax or residue, dust and grime. This is an ideal accessory for all your cleaning needs, including dusting, wiping and polishing. The only care instruction is that this cloth should be shaken out or rinsed regularly, or after use.

For those products that require application by hand, we have a ready- made applicator that comes in handy when you are handling products that could prove difficult to hold on to. The applicator helps to reach even the tiniest of gaps and crevices on your car.
- Micro fibre cloth
- Applicator