Car interior and exterior cleaning products are important as well. Often, the upholstery contains stains and becomes dirty, owing to use. Upholstery cleansers which do not corrode the material, yet work effectively to remove stains and grime are the need of the hour. These cleansers not only extract dirt, but they also remove tough stains from the surface, restoring the look of the seat covers. Removal of spots is another feather in its cap.

In addition to an upholstery cleanser for those car seats that use various types of fabric, we offer a plastic and leather cleaner. This is for those interiors that use materials such as synthetic materials that are plastic based, or pure leather, which cannot be subjected to detergents or normal cleaners. These cleaners reverse the effects of UV rays on seats and lend to the cleanliness of the car. Since bleach or ammonia based cleaners can erode the leather, commercial leather cleaners, such as the ones that we sell are the way to go to keep your seats in pristine condition.

In order to have a safe experience on the roads, it is vital that the windshields of cars are dust and spot-free. There are many formulated cleaners that are available in the market, ours being a notch above the rest owing to comprehensive research. Bugs are another problem as far as windshields are concerned, along with leaves and twigs that stick to the glass, especially after a rain. Removing these using a dry cloth could result in scratches, so cleaners are recommended. These cleaners are safe to use and remove everything from animal residue to fingerprints, leaving behind a crystal- clear surface that enables clear vision for better on- road visibility.

It is necessary that the air conditioner of the car is kept clean at all times as it is responsible for air circulation inside the car and the filtration of unnecessary dust and odour from the surroundings. If the air conditioner is not clean, contaminated air could be circulated inside the car, leading to diseases, and sometimes, even poisoning. Therefore, the vents of the air conditioner and ducts should be cleaned periodically to warrant the clean flow of air within the car. Moreover, these cleaners should eradicate invasive scents such as those of food and tobacco. Our car cleaner kits include an air conditioner purifier that unclogs vents and coils, destroy dust mites and microbes and provide clean, fragrant air inside the car.

The products offered are:
- Upholstery cleanser
- plastic & leather cleaner
- windshield cleaner
- AC Cleaner