Car detailing and car wash are different techniques which both help to keep your car in pristine condition. Although there are similarities between the two, car detailing is a much more comprehensive method to keep your car clean. The exterior and interiors of your car deserve to be in the best possible condition, and vehicle interior detailing and vehicle exterior detailing is the way to go. There are various options available for the same.

Car shampoos are the new rage owing to their non-abrasive properties. Using a car shampoo is the perfect way to bring new life to your car. Continuous washing using common detergents leads to a decline in the shine of your car, and dulls the paint. Similarly, the interiors of the car are susceptible to dirt, grime and food stains, depending on usage. In order to remove these, car shampoos work well, being mild and yet, proving effective in the removal of aging factors.

There are different kinds of car shampoos - some are extra foamy while others focus specifically either on the interior or the exterior. Most are notable for their neutral pH values, so that they are not corrosive on the delicate materials used in making car seats and other accessories. Other shampoos are made to be compatible with hard water.

For cars that have been given an additional layer of coating in the form of ceramic coating or wax, these shampoos ensure that the coating remains intact while stains, germs and grime are removed from the body of the car.

Double wax shampoos are designed to be gentle on cars that have received a wax coating, and the neutral pH value ensures that other materials such as glass on the windshield and windows, vinyl, rubber and plastic trim pieces that are essential components of cars are not damaged during cleaning. These shampoos can also be removed easily by wiping or minimal quantities of water, further ensuring that there are no swirl marks or minuscule scratches on the car. In addition this, all the products have proven to be residue- free.

The products offered include
(a) vehicle car shampoo - available in 5L & 20L
(b) vehicle double wax shampoo
(c) vehicle foam wash - ultra foam, green foam, red foam, blue form