Vehicle polishing is the best way to keep your car looking new. Just as the paint on the exterior of the car, and the various accessories on the interior need to be clean and hygienic, your tyres, which are exposed to various factors such as dirt, mud, sand and waste products that are found on the ground, need extra care. Car tyres are important components of a vehicle and play a major role in how safe the car is on the roads. Keeping this in mind, tyre polishes are made using premium grade material that is capable of going deep into the tyre to avoid issues such as aging and cracking. These polishes are also less waxy than the those used on the exterior paint and interiors of the car, as slippery tyres could lead to accidents. Usually, silicone polymers are used in car polishes and they outshine other tyre protectants in the market. One should always check if the polish is oil-free, water resistant and how durable it is.

The dashboard of a car gathers dust not just due to external factors, but also owing to the practice of keeping various everyday objects on it, such as mobile phones, sunglasses, papers, bills and other paraphernalia. In order to prevent scratches and an aged look owing to wear and tear, our specialised dashboard polishes are a necessary purchase option, going a long way towards keeping dashboards clean and shiny. As they are used in the interior of the car, care is taken to ensure that they are not toxic and have a pleasant odour that lends to the overall ambience of the car. The pH balanced formula also prevents cracking of the material, and is suitable for use on various materials.

Chrome is one of the most important accessories to enhance the overall look of your car. However, chrome accessories have a high affinity for dust, and can end up looking weathered and dirty. The required criteria for a good chrome polish are that the polish should ensure that the chrome parts are rust-free and have a shine that does not diminish with every wash.

Nos2 has a full range of car polishing products for professional use. Vehicle polishing using our car polishing kit after washing guarantees a smooth surface to apply the wax onto.
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