A car is an extension of one’s personality. A daily commute is synonymous with the automobile one owns. Our range of car waxing products ensure that the car remains looking like new month after month of use. A layer of ceramic car wax protects the clear coat on the paint from daily dust and stone chips. Interior car waxing products help to keep the interiors of your car scratch free, using spray and foam formulas and car interior wipes. In addition to this, our toners and cleansers help to clean the seat covers, mats and leather upholstery while lending a good fragrance to the interiors of the car by deodorizing them.

A wash will bring back the original shine of the vehicle. However, age- old practices of using common detergents and tar could ultimately lead to the car looking over-used and old. Customised and curated cleansers and toners are extremely effective to preserve the wax coating that is the first step in detailing, especially for cars that are parked outdoors and exposed to the elements. Bird droppings have proven to be another factor in the destruction of exteriors of a car. The acidic nature of these droppings leads to faded spots on the exterior. The protection offered by a wax coating can contain UV- protection agents, and this can be available for a longer duration if the right cleansers and toners are used to enhance the longevity of the wax coating.

Our range of products include
- interior cleanser & toner
- exterior cleanser & toner
- interior waxing
- exterior waxing